2018-19 PTA Membership

Join the PTA

PTA is an annual membership that begins July 1st, so you need to join us every year to ensure you get the latest information about the school year.


$12 per Person
$20 per Family (2 members)

How to Join

Stay tuned for membership information for the 2019-20 school year!

What does the PTA support?

The Alston Ridge PTA supports student, teacher, and family activities. As a public school, Alston Ridge Elementary receives funding for many aspects of the school, but it doesn’t cover everything. The PTA is a separate parent-run group that raises money to help fund many important activities. We work closely with Mr. Schutte and teachers to identify financial priorities. These have included:

  • New Technology replacing old Promethean boards classrooms
  • Teacher stipends to defer the cost of classroom supplies
  • Teacher training for 12 teachers last year for Project Based Learning
  • Supplies including toner for printers, science specials, and more
  • Cultural arts shows for students on early release days
  • Wellness initiatives including gardens, before school yoga, and more
  • Science Expo
  • Field Day
  • Teacher Treats on early release days
  • Yearbook is created and distributed by the PTA
  • 5th Grade Picnic and Celebration
  • and more….

Volunteer when you can

Help comes in many forms – time at the school, helping with mulch on a weekend, or donating for quarterly teacher treats. No effort is too small. Indicate your area of interest on the registration form to stay in the loop of upcoming events and opportunities.

Send us an email at communications.arpta@gmail.com to learn more.

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