Science Fair 2020-2021

Alston Ridge Elementary 2020-2021 Virtual Science Fair

February 24, 2021

Virtual Format This Year!

The Science Fair is a collaboration between the school and PTA to provide all our students an additional, optional educational opportunity.  The Science Fair is open to grades K-5.  The focus for the science experiments is to answer a question using the scientific method.  Science experiments are performed and presentations are made (usually in board form) in a creative and hands-on way outside of school time.  Students can work in groups up to three, preferred in same grade.  In this pandemic time, please make sure groups are supervised by a parent at all times to ensure health precautions are taken.  If assistance is needed to obtain materials or help your student with experiment procedures, please email for available options.  

Watch your email for virtual meetings that will be held to provide more instruction and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Monday February 1 – Registrations due

Monday February 15th – Projects Due virtually by 7pm on 

Judging will occur throughout the week with judges recording questions 

Monday February 22 – Virtual responses due by 7pm 

Wednesday February 24 – During the day, students will view projects during their specials time and complete the scavenger hunt

6:30-7:00 pm – Attend Google Meet for Science presentations

7:00-7:30 pm – Winners (likely by grade level)  announced on Google Meet.

Guidelines for participating in a Science Experiment: Students should be able to design and complete an experiment on their own. Younger students may need varying degrees of help and guidance, please use your own discretion. When they are finished, we want students to have a better understanding of the scientific process, and most importantly… have FUN!!!

Don’t wait until the last minute to decide on a project – it can take time to observe animals, watch plants grow, or create crystals, etc.

Choosing an area of interest: These general topic areas are covered in various ways and at various depth in each grade at Alston Ridge:

Animals, Plants, Force and Motion, Weather, Matter, Rocks, Landforms, and Human Body

Websites like this one can help you find a topic:

Follow a Scientific Process:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Make a prediction, a hypothesis you can test
  3. Create and conduct an experiment
  4. Observe what happens, gather data  
  5. Draw Conclusions, charts and graphs are helpful
  6. Share your work with others (at the Science Fair!)

Create a Presentation: Most students use a tri-fold board to display their experiment.  Include pictures, charts, graphs, and information.  Small demonstrations or displays can be set up in front of the board if that helps the student describe the process.

The students should be able to easily understand the experiment, what processes they used, and what the results are.  Relating the results to real-life situations is helpful too!  Judges will be asking age-appropriate questions about the project.

Sections to include on the trifold can range from simple – hypothesis, procedure, data, and results for younger students – to including problem/question, background research, materials list, conclusion/real-life application for older students.  There are a lot of fun ways to set up your project!

Flipgrid! This year students will be doing a flipgrid presentation where they will have their display showing on the screen and will be able to voice record a short segment explaining their project!  This will be viewed by a judge as well as other students in the school as part of the science fair.  Instructions will be sent to students that register.

Join Us: Please complete a registration form by February 1 Science Fair Registration

Students Checklist and Graphic Organizer: Students need to complete the checklist before exhibit their experiments on Science Expo Night.
Click here for more details.

Science Fair Parent Checklist: There are some simple ways parents can support your child’s learning during the experimenting process for the Alston Ridge Science Fair.
Click here for more details.

Science Fair Project Rubrics: Grading rubrics are an important component of the science project to ensure that all projects are graded fairly and on the same fundamental concepts.
Click here for more details.

Important Documents:

Science Fair Student Checklist

Science Fair Parent Checklist

Science Fair Rubric

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